NFT Trading Superpowers

Access NFT floor charts, trending collections, whale trading activity, notifications of new mints, and more.

Wallet Tracking & Analysis

View how your NFT portfolio's value behaved historically and follow NFT traders activity.

Historical Floor Charts

View historical floor and volume charts for your favourite NFT collections.

Rarity Charts

Valuate NFT collections using our unique rarity analysis tools, including trait rarity and score.

Hot Collection Alerts

Get alerted when collections start trending so you don't miss out on the next 100x opportunity.

Token Gated Community

Join our exclusive Discord group available only to Exodia NFT holders.

Vote On Next Features

Token holders guide the development process deciding which features we implement next.


Get full access to Exodia by purchasing a premium subscription or our Elite NFT.
  • Historical floor charts & NFT trading community access
  • Wallet & Rarity analysis - Beta
  • Collection and Wallet alerts - Beta
  • Vote on next features - Coming Soon
Ξ 0.2 / 6 Months
500/500 minted


Exodia is currently in beta but we have a lot planned:


Launch: historical floor charts & token gated community

Keep track of a collection's value over time based on floor charts and get access to an exclusive NFT traders community.


Wallet analysis

See which trades have been profitable for you or others, see how your wallet value has changed over time based on floor prices. Currently in early access mode.


Rarity charts

Follow the average and floor prices of a collection filtered by a specific property.



Set up detailed alerts. Get notified when a rare NFT is listed at 30% below value, or when a specific wallet makes trades. Or when new collection is minting.


Collection breakdowns

See who the owners of a specific collection are and what other assets they hold.



Keep track of the top traders



Engineering | Product

Creating NFTs since 2017. Full-stack developer and multi-time founder. Founder of CryptoFighters, one of the first play-to-earn NFTs, from early 2018.


Engineering | Product

Developing NFT analytics platforms since 2018. Full-stack blockchain engineer for two VC backed crypto startups. Created PFP monkeys before it was cool.